Richard Grant



FORGED IN FIRE, SEASON 5   Editor (History Channel)

Editing for Season 5 of "Forged in Fire", History Channel's competitive blade smithing series.


ROMAN EMPIRE, SEASON 2   Editor (Netflix)

Editing for Netflix's "Roman Empire" Season 2, a dramatic series based in ancient Rome featuring expert commentary from prominent historians.


MINDSPHERE LAUNCH   Producer & Editor (The Siemens Corporation)

Producing and editing a series of videos for the Siemens Corporation promoting MindSphere, the open source, cloud-based operating system that lets you connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world.


IDENTIFY   Editor (VICE & The Olympic Channel)

An inspirational series about transgender athletes making changes in the Olympic Games policy and transforming the competitive sports landscape around the globe.


MTV   Editor

Lead editor on series of Promo Campaigns for multiple shows including VH1’s Scripted Series Daytime Divas starring Vanessa Williams and the hit show Black Ink, Chicago.



Michelin asked Vice to help them document the release of their new tire at a three-day event held near Joshua Tree. Guests included industry leaders, top drivers, journalists, and celebrities - all of whom were invited to test the tires on road and track via dozens of the world’s most thrilling cars.


LIVING A LIE   Editor (Blackfin Entertainment)

This new series will explore the phenomenon of real people who lead double lives, fake their own deaths, and assume new identities, often crumbling the lives of the innocent family and friends who trusted them.  All of the stories are told by actual persons involved.



Vice, Samsung, and Smart News teamed up to present a story of The Syrian Civil Defense, or "White Helmets", a group of roughly 3,000 volunteer search-and-rescue workers who rush into civilian areas only moments after they've been bombed, and attempt to pull the living and the dead from the rubble. All of the footage was shot on Samsung's "Gear 360" virtual reality camera, introducing an immersive element new to journalism.


HACK MY LIFE (tru TV)   Editor

Hosts Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen try out life hacks that can save time and money. Examples can include using a bag of potato chips as a substitute for charcoal in a barbecue pit, or building a portable air conditioning unit using a cooler, ice cubes, and a battery-operated fan. 



Cheddar is a streaming subscription service created by former Buzzfeed President, Jon Steinberg. Their areas of focus are money, entertainment, food, and fashion. They broadcast live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and also feature video packages, as well as interviews with various captains of industry.


AMERICAN PLAYBOY (AMAZON PRIME)   Junior Editor  (Stephen David Entertainment)

Hugh Hefner, Amazon, and Stephen David Entertainment have teamed up to create this biographic series covering Hefner's early life in the 1940's, the founding of Playboy magazine in the 1950's, and the course it ran through the 1990's. Hefner has opened his personal archives to Amazon and Stephen David, shedding new light on this well-known iconoclast.



Viceland salutes the U.S.A. with this very special July 4th presentation! Their second installment of the show "Randomizer" boldly explores this great land from sea-to-shining-sea through a collection of surreal short films edited together from Vice's extensive libraries of raw footage. 


SPIT IT OUT (MUSIC VIDEO)  Editor (band, Fever High)

Award-winning songwriter and producer Adam Schlesinger (writer of "That Thing You Do", "Stacy's Mom", songs for the TV musical comedy series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", and many of the tracks on the newest Monkees album "Good Times", which he also produced), has focused his considerable songwriting and producing abilities on Fever High, a duo from Brooklyn whose latest EP was just released on Sire Records.


MAKING OF THE MOB: SEASON 2 (AMC)   Junior Editor  (Stephen David Entertainment)

Season 2 of AMC's acclaimed series "Making of The Mob" focuses on the development of the mafia in Chicago, tracking Al Capone's evolution from a worried young man looking to feed his growing family to becoming the single most notorious person in The United States: "Public Enemy Number One". The series also explores The Chicago Outfit's rather complicated relationship with the Kennedy family, Jimmy Hoffa, and beyond.


OUT OF IRAQ:  Film Trailer (LOGO)  Editor  (LOGO Promos)

Nyeff and Btoo are two Iraqi solders in love who are both tested to the limits of human endurance when the looming threat of persecution leaves them with the single option of attempting to escape their home country, but doing so could also spell death.


SOUTHERN CHARM: SAVANNAH (Bravo Development)  Editor  (Haymaker TV)

Savannah, Georgia is a lush and seductive landscape full of old money and old secrets. This proposed spinoff of Bravo’s SOUTHERN CHARM lifts the veil to that elite world, offering us a glimpse of how the sons and daughters of the old south cope with their legacy…and with each other.


BADA BING MY BUSINESS   Editor  (Prototype)

Billy and Chubby's friendship goes back to high school. Since then, Billy has become a successful building contractor, but Chubby has fallen on hard times. In order to turn his fortunes around, Chubby has sought out a handful of fledgling businesses he’d love to invest in, and now he’s calling on his old pal Billy to pony up some cash and become a partner. Chubby must now convince Billy that all of these strange ideas are actually sound business opportunities. Will any of them be winners, or will Billy say “fuggedaboutit”?


TINY HOUSE HUNTING (FYI)   Editor  (Leftfield Casting)

Tiny House Hunting follows realtors as they help a pair of tiny home seekers find the perfect existing mini-space. Whether it’s a potential full-time home in the Rockies or a tiny beach getaway on the coast of Florida, each potential homeowner will be shown three different abodes and then decide which is the best fit for them. The series will showcases families on the hunt for something new while bringing a fresh perspective to “scaling back”.


AMERICAN CAPITAL   Editor  (Leftfield – Riot)

Across the country there are innovative investors who have taken the power of financing to a whole new level: putting sweat equity, craftsmanship and capital into small businesses. Like a treasure hunt, our Mobile Business Maven, Contractor, and Prototype Builder will use their life experiences and practical skills to discover and ultimately invest in small businesses. But unlike traditional investors who just write a check, they literally build these dreams with their own hands.


CALI4NIA GIRLS   Editor  (Leftfield – Riot)

After a roller-coaster year, Daisy Lewellyn and Mica Hughes have decided it’s time for a new beginning. Determined to take control of their lives, the dynamic duo will attempt to expand their brands to the West Coast, and dive head-first into a new pool of men. These East Coast gals are shaking things up, trading in their subway cards and fur coats for convertibles and bikinis. It’s time to put the Empire State in the rear-view mirror, and move where the sun always shines…Los Angeles!


NAZI GOLD TRAIN   Editor  (Leftfield – Riot)

Riot Creative is assembling a dream team of treasure hunters from around the globe to unearth a German train from WWII filled with stolen loot that’s been buried for the last 70 years deep in the ground in Poland.


SURVIVAL SWAMP (THE FLEMINGS)   Editor  (Leftfield – Riot)

The Flemings have everything they need in the lakes, swamps, and woods on their remote property in Canada, and because they’re not beholden to anyone for anything, they are able to truly enjoy life. When they laugh, which is often, they laugh big. 


AMERICAN GRIT   Editor  (Leftfield – Riot)

Sixteen of the toughest men and women in America will compete for a $500,000 cash prize in a competition so brutal, all but one will quit. In this epic competition series hosted by John Cena, the contestants control their own destiny, as there’s only one way out – tapping out. Everyone has a breaking point, and this competition will bring people there. Marathons, tough mudder competitions, triathlons – the contestants all think they’ve pushed themselves to the limit, but no test is as punishing as military training.


DOG TALK   Editor  (Leftfield – Riot)

Southern dog whisperer Harrison Forbes visits his celebrity dog-owner friends and assists both dog and owner in having more rewarding lives together with his unique insights and irreverent wit.


BIG NIGHT   Editor  (Haymaker TV)

Iconic New York restaurateur Bruce Bozzi Jr. takes on the role of mentor to a handful of young promising chefs all hoping to open their own restaurants. Bozzi shares his considerable wealth of experience with them as they each prepare for their own “Big Night ” in which potential investors are invited to a dinner that serves as a prototype of each chef’s restaurant vision. After dinner, the investors decide to either pony up or pass.


THE AMERICAN WEST (AMC)   Junior Editor  (Stephen David Entertainment)

This Robert Redford docudrama spanning from 1865 to 1890 explores the aftermath of the Civil War when The West meant opportunity and reinvention for some, and the end of civilization for others.